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I remember the first time someone ordered a Last Word from me. I was working in Press Club at Brisbane at the time, and a guy I knew, who was a friend of the manager I was working under at the time, walked in and sat at the bar. He talked to my manager more than he did me, but it was fine, as he asked me to make him a drink.

He ordered a Last Word, and I sheepishly admitted that I didn’t know how to make it, though I probably came across as more of an arrogant moron for him asking for the ingredients of an old drink that I didn’t know about.

Nowadays, the Last Word is one of my favorite drinks, though for different reasons other than simply that I like drinking it. Sure it tastes great, and it’s a perfect example of an old and forgotten gin drink that has not only been part of the gin and cocktail renaissance, but proved that the process of digging up old recipes, no matter how unbalanced or obscure they may look, can sometimes yield a diamond in the rough .

My main reason for the fondness for the Last Word stems more from modern day bartenders who have successfully twisted the drink into contemporary classics.

Micky McIlroy’s ‘Thumps Up! (a Last Word variant with the addition of Aperol)’ and Phil Ward’s ‘Final Ward‘ are the main drinks that come to mind, though the resurrection and  success of the Last Word in contemporary drinking trends can single be single-handedly traced back to one man.

However, with news of Murray’s heart ailment, thus resulting in him not being able to carry out his profession, resonating throughout the bartending world, the response to MurrayAid has been astounding.

Murray Stenson has been bartending for almost 40 years, and has had profound impact on the drinks scene in Seattle, the city that he’s plied his trade in for most of his life, with the drink came to fruition during his time at the Zig-Zag cafe. Coupled with a lack of health insurance, this blog has been written to spread the word of Murrays situation and to bring your attention to MurrayAid. Events are being held throughout the world to try and raise the money needed for Murray, more of which can be found here.

At the American Bar, we made a pledge to donate our tips towards this fund. Upon reflection, it still doesn’t feel enough. Hopefully this blog can do a little more justice in terms of raising people’s awareness of the situation, and in turn help raise the money that is needed for Murray to get better and get back behind that bar.



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